Stafford Rehearsals

by Paradox



This is a stereo recording of my school band's first rehearsals for 25 years ahead of a reunion concert in the summer. It reunites Dave Kirby, Pete Bennett and Chris Roscoe together with bass player Stu Henderson.

It is free to download but if you could chip in a bit of cash it would help to pay for our train tickets, petrol and studio bills. Thank you.



released April 29, 2014

Vocals - Dave Kirby
Guitar - Chris Roscoe
Drums - Pete Bennett
Bass - Stu Henderson



all rights reserved


The Unstoppable Stingrays Watford, UK

We are a funky blues-rock duo based in Watford who have been together since 2009. Neighbours Paul and Chris have been jamming and writing original material with a number of bass players from time-to-time.

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Track Name: I Got Those Blues Again (take 1)
I Got Those Blues Again
Lyrics by Chris Roscoe 19/06/1987, music by Chris & Dave K 1987 (modified in 2000 by Chris & Stu)

I used to ring her at a long day’s end
I had to be with her again
When I saw her I’d hold her tightly
I had to be with her all through the night
All was well we got on fine
But I got those blues again when she called time

I went out dancing when she went away
But she came home early and found me at play
I tried to lie but it just wouldn’t work
She threw a chair at me and called me a jerk
I’m not stupid I can read the signs
And I got those blues again ‘cause she called time

I’ll keep on lookin’ for another girl
None of them really give me that thrill
Though there’s a good looker I could name
I’d make a fool of myself again
It makes me sad but she’ll never be mine
I got those blues again ‘cause she called time.
Track Name: Fine Fine Fine (take 2)
Fine Fine Fine
Music & lyrics Chris Roscoe & Dave Kirby Autumn 1986

I stagger on home and I fall into bed
I need somewhere to rest my weary bed
‘Cause I been sawyin’ and sayin’
Things I don’t mean to say

But it’s fine fine fine, it’s all right
Fine fine fine, it’s all right
Yes it’s fine fine fine, it’s all right

I woke up next morning with a terrible head
My girlfriend left me and I wish I was dead
‘Cause I been swayin’ and sayin’
Things I don’t mean to say


I stagger on home and I fall into bed
I need somewhere to rest my weary bed
‘Cause I been sawyin’ and sayin’
Things I don’t mean to say

CHORUS over and over and over again
Track Name: Fancy A Ride (take 2)
Fancy A Ride
Music & lyrics Chris Roscoe 17 January 1989

I had me a drink in a blues bar down town
Just half a crate of old Newcastle Brown
The music was loud but the girls were uptight
I had to find me a blonde so I could spend the night
I saw this girl she was walkin’ down the street
I said “wouldn’t you rather be restin’ your feet?
See my car, do you fancy a ride?
I could run you home, just step inside”

Baby do you fancy a reel in my automobile?
Got twin carburettors, you know what I mean?
Three litres of power and it’s waitin’ to scream
Me and my car baby will be your dream

I said “where you going?” and she told me “no hurry”
I said “but your Dad?” and she told me not to worry
I said “my name’s Pete, what’s yours pretty babe?”
She told me “Francoise Duval, but what’s in a name?”
She fluttered her eyes and lay back in her seat
And her skirt rode up her legs, bon appetite
She said she was hot so she switched on the fan
It was then I could see she had other plans


She was lickin’ her lips and she was breathin’ real deep
I nearly crashed when she grabbed me in a place I won’t repeat
The engine was hot, I forgot to change gear
And the windscreen steamed up when she nibbled my ear
She whispered slowly, she whispered in that ear
We could drive to a hotel, or we could stop right here
So I put my foot down, booked us room 303
And the rest as they say is biology


When the morning came I rolled over in bed
An empty pillow where there should have been a head
I noticed a note by the telephone side
Saying “thanks for the lift Pete, and thanks for last night
I’m leavin’ this country, I’ve got a flat in the Loire
With your wallet and clothes and the keys to your car.”
She’d stolen my Allegro, I never saw it again
Have to buy me another one so I can go, I can go

Track Name: Once Upon A Time (take 3)
Once Upon A Time
Words & music by Chris Roscoe April 1989

Think of all the words we said
Floating out into the wilderness
We didn’t think all that time ago
That it would end like this

The bell has tolled on us
The last dance has been called
The clock’s struck twelve, your coach has gone
And I’m getting cold

I showed you forests and hidden streams
And secret treasures shown
You took me place I had never been
And we will never return


Some turn to drink and a drunken haze
Some blow their minds to dust
Six steel strings that’s all I need
But I could use some love


I’m looking around but my eyes are clouded
There’s no one ther but you
I’m alone but I am surrounded
By the memories of you


I feel I’m playing a game of cards
And the dealer is dealing out the pack
I was lucky, I drew the Queen of Hearts
But I blew it and I can’t get it back


“Once upon a time” so the story went
“a princess was rescued from a spell”
I’m no prince, I’m no saint
But I’d die to hold you again

Track Name: Out of Sight, Out of Mind (take 2)
Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Music & lyrics Chris Roscoe 12 November 1988

Since I held you in my arms there’s been no other there
You don’t believe me, I can tell, but it’s got so I don’t care

Because you’re out of sight, out of mind my love
The clock is ticking and you’re out of time my dove

Since I kissed you with these lips no lip has pressed thereon
You don’t believe I haven’t done these things you say I’ve done


Since I played upon your strings, no heart have I played upon
You don’t believe me tell me where my beautiful angel’s gone