I have been a George Orwell fan for a long time and decided to write a musical version of the story arranged very loosely around a small number of themes. As I was writing the material I decided to use a lot of non-guitar sounds which meant that it probably wouldn't be a band project. I am proud of how this sounds and hope that you 'enjoy' it even if it has been described as disturbing.


released February 23, 2013

All songs written, performed* and recorded by Chris

* excluding the ear-splitting sound of a train that I sampled during the summer of 2012.



all rights reserved


The Unstoppable Stingrays Watford, UK

We are a funky blues-rock duo based in Watford who have been together since 2009. Neighbours Paul and Chris have been jamming and writing original material with a number of bass players from time-to-time.

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Track Name: Winston
Winston's Theme
(c) Chris Roscoe 2011

Clockwork world, constant war
War is peace, hate is love
Lies are truth, two and two
Always five, truths are lies

Everywhere every time
Freedom is slavery
Who am I? Death is life
BB sees my thoughtcrime

I speakwrite, speak their lies
Lies are truth in The Times
In the end, death is sure
BBB Julia
Track Name: Julia
Julia's Theme
(c) Chris Roscoe 2012

A glimpse of happiness
In a world that's full of hate
Hope amongst the fear
Until it's all too late
I can't change the world
No answer can be found
I scream their scream
But it is not my sound

A minute full of joy
In a day full of despair
It's worth the risk
To prove that I'm still here
One day I know
That they will put me in the ground
I scream their scream
But it is not my sound

Winston cannot understand
Some things you cannot change
He wants to be discovered
He knows it is his fate
I just want to live
I want to sing out loud
I scream their scream
But it is not my sound
Track Name: O'Brien
O'Brien's Song
(c) CR 14/06/2012

I am Big Brother and Goldstein
Winston is my friend and my enemy
I will destroy him and keep him alive
Two and two will always make five

I am The Party within The Party
An inner circle within a circle
I'm all knowing but you will never know me
I will crush you with a Judas kiss

I am the shadow and the focal point
Of a tyranny that will destroy you
I am your final destination, your termination
Your own love will destroy you

The machine is supreme and serene
It is all just a matter of time
I am the proof of the obscene
Before my very own thoughtcrime

You will betray all that you love
There is no room for you in Airstrip One
You will betray all that you adore
There is no room for your kind of love
Track Name: HATE
Track Name: Fading Away